About us

About Us

Margaret Aylward Community College was established by the Sisters of the Holy Faith in September 1969 at the request of the Archbishop of Dublin. In 1983 it was transferred to the City of Dublin Vocational Educational Committee.

Our policy is to provide an atmosphere in which students can develop their full potential. Punctuality, regular attendance, good manners and a serious attitude to study are regarded as essential. The college has a well deserved reputation for its caring atmosphere, its high standards and its ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of students and society.

Code of Behaviour: Our Code of Behaviour has at its core one Golden Rule: Have respect for all.                                                            



 MACC seeks to encourage all to achieve their full potential in a supportive atmosphere which respects diversity. The school welcomes the involvement of parents and community in developing the skills necessary for students to become self-motivated members of society.

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